Specialist Hirelings

I spent some time creating potential hirelings/henchmen using my Astonishing ACKS house rules. The intent was to have a range of low-level specialist NPCs available for hire when the party needs a “wilderness scout” or “lockbreaker” or “healer/medic”, etc.

These hirelings are available for hire in Khromarium to the Hyperborean Murderhobos (my current adventuring group).


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Gamer and 5th-level magic-user.
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2 Responses to Specialist Hirelings

  1. Tom H. says:

    That formatting is awesome – simple, but really clear. How did you manage to get that output from Google Sheets?

    • K-Slacker says:

      Thanks. I just used a 2-column format (getting rid of any unused cells) with the wide column set to word wrap. Everything is top-aligned; I make sure not to merge any cells.

      Whenever I need to add a new character, I just copy/paste an existing one then edit.

      With the simple format, it cuts/pastes nicely into other applications (I use these stat blocks in Roll20).

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