Rel – God of Thieves

(Another Hyperborean deity today, and an update to a custom class. I’m starting a new adventure soon, and one of the PCs is a Purloiner of Rel.)

relThis demigod is associated with thievery, banditry, swindling, gambling, deception, backstabbing, ale, beer, luck, and gems and gold gained by means stealthy and nefarious. Rel is said to assume many faces, usually male. He is reputed to have been granted immortality after impressing Xathoqqua with a most impossible theft; others suggest him to be the by-blow of Ammonar.

Rel presents as a swarthy, handsome sort who wears a broad-brimmed hat and winged sandals that he uses to fly at impossible speed, leading some sages to posit that Rel is in fact Hermes, messenger of the gods. Amongst the Kelts he has been called Teutates, in the Tlingit tongue he is “the Trickster”.

Rel is a “god of the people” and is said to dwell amongst mortal men, oft in underworld societies posing as a common thief of no great repute. Presently, Rel is believed to favour Port Zangerios.

Hyperborea HR

Purloiner (Revised)

Oft dedicated to a deity of larceny, the Purloiner is a thief who practices the divine magic of a cleric. In Hyperborea, such divine thieves usually pay homage to Rel, though it is not unusual for Purloiners to also worship Xathoqqua.

Spell List: Purloiners of Rel are Divine 2 casters with the following spell list:

Rel Spell List

Hyperborea HR


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  1. K-Slacker says:

    Note that the custom spells are mostly from M. Blackburn’s Nightmask class. They’re generally equivalent to arcane spells (chameleon, silent step, spider climb, etc.) but only affect the caster and some have reduced durations.

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