Brigand’s Bay Mud Flats

Short post today. I spent some time in Nova Scotia this summer and travelled along the Bay of Fundy:


I’m not really a “water person” – I grew up about as far as you can get in North America from an ocean – so the tides caught me by surprise. I mean, I had read about tides and how there were two of them a day – but it still blew my mind to see the shoreline slosh around so much.

It got me thinking a bit about Brigand’s Bay. Given the influence of Kyranos on Hyperborea’s weird astronomy, I can’t say what the tides would be. But I figure that the northern end of Brigand’s Bay is analogous to the Bay of Fundy, with a 15-metre tidal range.

Which means that Türas Tem looks like this twice a day during low tide:

Tidal Flat

(Good luck sailing through that shit.)

Hyperborea HR


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