ACKS Grimoire – Xathoqquan Spells


(The following three spells are for followers of Xathoqqua. I’ve posted them before, but they were hard to find.)

Hideous Laughter ench
Arcane 2 / Divine 2 (Xathoqqua)
Range: 30 ft
Duration: 1 round per level

This spell afflicts the target creature with uncontrollable laughter, forcing it to fall prone unless it makes a successful saving throw versus Spells. The target can take no actions while laughing, but is not considered helpless. After the spell ends, it can act normally.

Because hideous laughter relies on its target possessing a sense of humour, only sapient creatures can be affected by this spell. If the target creature’s type is different from the caster’s, it receives a +4 bonus on its saving throw versus Spells, because humour does not “translate” well.

(Adapted from ACKS Dwimmermount, p.337.)

Tadpole Transformation trn
Divine 2 (Xathoqqua)
Range: Self
Duration: 3 turns.

The caster’s body distorts into a disturbing human/tadpole hybrid. The character gains a swimming movement rate of 120′ per turn and may breathe water for up to 1 turn at a time.

Bottomfeeder Bond ench
Divine 3 (Xathoqqua)
Range: 60′
Duration: Special.

This spell reinforces the caster’s bond with the denizens of the swampland. Treat as charm monster, but only affects creatures such as amphibians, crocodiles, catfish, venomous snakes, biting flies, etc.

Hyperborea HR


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