Mount Kinkade and the Spiral Mountain Array

Another short art post. This is a piece by Thomas Kinkade, an American pastoral painter:

Spiral Mountain Array

He is generally held in low esteem by art critics, but he worked with Ralph Bakshi on background art for the 1983 animated feature film Fire and Ice.

In the painting you can see Mount Kinkade, which rises above Brigand’s Bay where the Spiral Mountain Array meets the Hyperborean Sea.

The Spiral Mountain Array is described by the Hyperborean Gazetteer as follows:

The most prominent geographical feature of Hyperborea, the Spiral Mountain Array is aptly named for its shape, which presents as a central axis from which appurtenant chains (arms) extend. In the centre of Hyperborea the mountains are highest, these averaging 25–30,000 feet in elevation and largely composed of granite and black gneiss. Here exist the most powerful and frigid winds, with blasts cold enough to freeze a man solid on contact.

Hyperborea HR


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