Hyperborean Demographics – New Vinland

Skandik Realm of New Vinland (24-mile hexes)

Skandik Realm of New Vinland (24-mile hexes)

A fairly short post today, covering the Skandik realm of New Vinland.

New Vinland is a vassal domain of Vikland and is located between Brigand’s Bay and the Gal Hills. It is described by the AS&SH Hyperborean Gazetteer as follows:

New Vinland is a land of rolling hills rich with wheat, elderberries, and blackberries; however, it is perpetually vulnerable to stormy weather off the Hyperborean Sea. This peninsula and extending island pair has switched hands betwixt [Skandiks], Kelts, bands of sea reavers, and ultimately [Skandiks] again.

Presently, New Vinland prospers again, with five longhouse villages, each of 800-1,200 inhabitants. Each town is its own petty kingdom, owing fealty to the Over-King in Erikssgard, for New Vinland is considered an annex of Vikland. Currently relations are better with the local Kelts, and healthy trade proceeds.

Should be straightforward to adapt to ACKS…

Hyperborea HR

Urban Demographics:

There are five settlements shown on the Hyperborea map. Each longhouse town has a population of 800-1,200 inhabitants, which translates to 160-240 families. This makes them all Market Class VI communities.

Longhouse Town

Like most Hyperborean realms, New Vinland’s population clusters around protected settlements (2 rows downard on the Urban Population column, ACKS p.231), with an urbanization rate of 25%. Each of the five towns is similar in size, indicating a fairly dispersed settlement pattern (1 row up on Largest Settlement column).

Let’s say that the average population of each longhouse town is 200 families; that means there are 1,000 families total between the five. There aren’t many other settlements in New Vinland, so let’s say there’s only 500 urban families in smaller towns and villages.

That means there are 1,500 urban families and 4,500 rural families, for a total realm population of 6,000 families. This is considered a County in ACKS terms, and New Vinland as a whole would be a vassal realm to Vikland.

Authority Figures & Criminal Guilds:

There is no information in the Hyperborean Gazetteer on local lords in New Vinland, but each longhouse town would have a lord of 8th-level or higher owing fealty directly to the Over-King in Erikssgard.

Criminal guilds are essentially non-existent, with each town supporting around 16 members. Instead of being traditional ‘thieves’, these would probably represent reavers and troublemakers who do not recognize the authority of the local lord.


New Vinland is a fairly mundane realm. Much of the local production (berries, wheat, and livestock) is traded directly to Erikssgard and other Vikland centres, leaving the local economy very stunted (MC VI).

In my campaign, I’d probably use New Vinland as a homeland for Skandik PCs who resemble historical Norsemen, as opposed to clichéd Vikings. (I see the Skandiks of Vikland as playing a more ‘stereotypical’ Viking role – raiders and berserkers with giant axes and horned helmets, quaffing mead from a drinking horn.) In particular, New Vinland may contain pockets of Türas-worshipers and members of the Varangian custom class.

That’s all for today. I’m going to need to figure out how to handle nomadic realms (Fields of Vol, Kimmerian Plains) and chaotic domains (City-State of Kor) before posting more Hyperborean demographics.

Hyperborea HR


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