Alternate Xathoqquan Traditions

“By the bulging belly of Xathoqqua!

– Common Hyperborean expletive

TsathogguaThe Xathoqquan Sorcerer-Priest and Witch classes both gain access to bonus divine spells as a class ability. I was thinking today that Xathoqqua might grant different spells to his servants, depending on the path they choose to follow (and the whim of their deity).

As a house rule, characters may select one of the following paths for their bonus spells. Each tradition grants access to several choices from the “extended” Xathoqquan Cultist spell list. All other class abilities remain unchanged.

(These can also be selected by Clerics of Xathoqqua with the “Apostasy” proficiency.)

Frog Cult Tradition: The “default” Xathoqquan tradition, this path celebrates his batrachian nature and servitor species.

Bonus Spells: 1st – slipperiness; 2nd – tadpole transformation; 3rd – bottomfeeder bond; 4th – summon formless spawn.

Beast Lore Tradition: This alternate path acknowledges Xathoqqua’s strange influence on the beasts of Hyperborea.

Bonus Spells: 1st – locate animal or plant; 2nd – speak with animals; 3rd – growth of animals; 4th – command animals.

Elder Sign Tradition: The least common Xathoqquan tradition, this path focuses on warding glyphs and unseen spirits:

Bonus Spells: 1st – protection from chaos; 2nd – unseen servant; 3rd – glyph of warding; 4th – dispel magic.

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