Voyage of the Altered Priest

It has been several months since our heroes’ adventures in Brigands Bay. Here’s what you’ve been up to (follow the numbers on the map):


(1) Turas Tem (in Brigands Bay), where Wulfgar gifted the Murderhobos with a knarr (sailing vessel) which the group named the “Altered Priest”. They gather a crew, but are unable to find a captain an navigator who can handle the open ocean.

(2) The Murderhobos sail to Khromarium, where they hire a captain and navigator, meet with the Lord of Secrets, and trade addictive lotus to a blind armourer who can work enchantments. The ship is provisioned for the long voyage to the Serpent Isles.

(3) Cape Calencia. This forested horn is peopled by mixed-blooded Picts. Their village is built on 40-foot stilts from which they remain ever vigilant to the threat of ape-men. Although their customs (particularly their eating habits) are rather eccentric, they are generally hospitable to your crew.

(4) Narath. After several days of sailing, you land on the Island of Narath. You hear shouts and howls from the dark woods – the island is inhabited by hostile cave-men – and observe luminous aurorae in the sky.

(5) Skarag Coast. For many days you are lashed by rain and wind. The ship is unable to land and you must spend each night fighting the waves. One of your sailors catches fever and falls overboard. Once the weather improves you are able to rest on a small island at the edge of the Hyperborean mainland.

(6) After many days on the open ocean, you land at isolated island that is home to thousands of nesting birds. You gorge on their eggs. Atop a cliff you discover a giant idol of black basalt. The weathered statue depicts an insectoid creature.

(7) The storms return, and you must fight against heavy currents. The ship passes near a rocky island. Despite the howling of the wind, you can hear a beautiful voice calling from the rocks. You ignore it and continue on.

(8) After many weeks at sea – at the very rim of the world – you at last near the Serpent Isles! We will begin our next session when you are in sight of the Serpent Pillars…

Hyperborea HR


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