Valusia and the Serpent Isles


Æons ago, before Atlantis disappeared below the waves of Old Earth, the lost civilization of Valusia was itself subject to destruction and chaos. Volcanoes and earthquakes rent the land asunder, and great storms swept across the land creating impossible cyclones and whirlwinds that swept fragments of Valusia away to far-flung Hyperborea. Now, this Valusian remnant – known as the Serpent Isles – exists in a dimensional anomaly at the ultimate edge of Hyperborea, where the seas spill into the Black Gulf.

Those wishing to reach the Serpent Isles from mainland Hyperborea face the ceaseless windstorms that surround the archipelago and the deadly pull of the Rapids at the End of the World. Coupled with the Valusians’ isolationist mentality, the Serpent Isles remains a place of mystery to the varied peoples of Hyperborea.

Regardless of the dangers involved, Hyperborean adventurers might be lured here by tales of Valusian splendour and the wealth of its cities: the valuable jade, emeralds, and pearls and the rare silks and fruit wine that Valusian traders bring to Khromarium. Alternatively, they may have heard of the vine-shrouded ruins and probable wealth hidden in the Valusian jungles…

Hyperborea HR


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3 Responses to Valusia and the Serpent Isles

  1. K-Slacker says:

    The Murderhobos have destroyed the Stone of Sakkara and are ready for their next adventure…

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