Atlanteans in Hyperborea

Atlanteans(I recently read The Wars of Atlantis and am on a bit of an Atlantis kick. Here’s some more info on Atlantean Custom Classes; starting with the flavour text repeated from an earlier post.)

Atlanteans are medium-built men of glaucous complexion, black or brown hair, aquiline features, and pale grey or yellow eyes. These are the scattered remnants of a nearly extinct race whose origins trace back to Old Earth’s antediluvian Atlantis. The Atlanteans of old produced many wonders of super-science, and their descendants are skilled in crafts and lore.

“True” Atlanteans are nearly extinct in Hyperborea. Instead, most shew aquatic traits: webbed digits, amphibious respiratory systems (including gill slits on their necks), and oily skin that dries painfully if not immersed in salt water. These degenerate individuals are, in fact, tainted with Deep One blood.

Hyperborea HR

Atlantean Classes

The following three custom classes are appropriate for Atlantean characters in a Hyperborean campaign:

  • Atlantean Dungeoneer: Many Atlantean half-breeds show a predilection for mechanical devices; Dungeoneers are skilled in all manner of traps and locks.
  • Atlantean Craft-Priest: Craft-Priests revere the knowledge and craftsmanship of their people to the point of gaining divine powers.
  • Atlantean Artificer: The ancient Atlanteans were a scientifically advanced race, creating artefacts of amazing power; Artificers are the heirs of this lost knowledge.

Dungeoneers are a variant of my Delver class (itself adapted from the Dwarven Delver). Craft-Priests and Artificers are reskinned from their Dwarven class counterparts.

Hyperborea HR


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2 Responses to Atlanteans in Hyperborea

  1. K-Slacker says:

    I’ve added the Atlantean Craft-Priest, based on the Dwarven class in the ACKS core rules. The class description also suggests that Atlanteans in Hyperborea are pretty irreligious, which is a concept I like.

  2. K-Slacker says:

    Atlanteans are rare in Hyperborea and their numbers continue to dwindle with each passing year. Prior to the Green Death, Atlanteans and Amazonians were staunch allies. An enclave of True Atlanteans is still rumoured to persist in New Amazonia

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