Astonishing ACKS – Hyperborean Ghouls

Hyperborean Ghoul

I love ghouls. But I don’t picture them quite the same way as in the standard D&D rules. I’ve had this post in “draft” forever, but the PCs ran into ghouls tonight so I’m posting my rough notes. (I’ll clean this up later.)

Hyperborean Ghouls are an (undead) race. They can breed with humans. They have their own language (consisting of hisses, meeps, and mews). They’re inspired by “Lovecraftian” ghouls (such as from Pickman’s Model).

Hyperborean ghouls do not possess the ability to paralyze their victims. In partial compensation, I’m increasing their bite damage to 1d6.

Hyperborean ghasts are known as “elder ghouls” They do not incapacitate by stench. Any successful attack, however, induces paralysis on a failed save. They can also move quickly with a weird leaping gait.

All characters who are subjected to the charnel stench of a ghoul warren are required to make a saving throw versus Poison, or suffer -2 to attack throws due to the disgusting, horrid odour.

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3 Responses to Astonishing ACKS – Hyperborean Ghouls

  1. K-Slacker says:

    Ghoul Plague – similar to mummy rot, but eventually leads to transformation to ghoul. Necromancers and cannibals are susceptible, as are victims of ghoul attacks. (save vs. poison/disease if ghoul damage forces character to roll on Mortal Wounds table.)

    Ghoul-Touched and Ghoul-Blooded characters are immune. (Or, to be more precise, they are already carriers but will not express signs of infection until reaching old age.)

    Ghoul-Touched: (General Proficiency, Max CHR 8.) The character has the blood of ghouls in his ancestry. He is immune to the charnel stench of ghoul warrens as well as the paralyzing touch of elder ghouls. The character gains a +1 bonus to reaction rolls when encountering ghouls. Upon reaching old age, he will succumb to the Ghoul Plague and transform into a full ghoul. The character’s ancestry must manifest somehow in his appearance (pointed ears, dead eyes, pointed teeth, or other unusual trait.)

    Ghoul-Blooded: “Half-Ghouls” resulting from human women impregnated by male Ghouls. Racial template with Ghoul-Blooded Scavenger custom class (base off Ape-Man Vagabond).

    Rumours of underground “White Kingdom”. Ghoul-Blooded city ruled by Elder Ghouls.

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