Astonishing ACKS – Shrodinger’s Corpse

CleaveI love the “Shrodinger’s Corpse” nature of the Mortal Wounds rules in ACKS. You don’t know whether your PC is alive or dead until somebody checks.

In my own campaign, we’ve had three PCs feel the effects of mortal wounds:

  • During our kickoff session, Lily the Cleric took a blow to the knee (carrying capacity reduced by 6 stone, cannot force march).
  • Burningman the Pyromancer has ‘died’ more times than I can count, and his injuries have healed stiff (-1 to initiative rolls).
  • Lance the Barbarian took a javelin to the face and has lost an eye (-2 to missile attack rolls). (Probably the most significant battle injury so far.)
  • And most recently, Shank the henchman suffered damage to his hips and lower back after being crushed by a giant python (cannot force march).

It took a few sessions to become familiar with the Mortal Wounds rules. For newcomers to ACKS, I’d suggest you read the following…

Hyperborea HR

First of all, here’s a nice summary from Kickassistan on how Mortal Wounds work in ACKS:

Second, here’s an expanded Mortal Wounds table from Malo Monkey over at the Autarch forums:

(I’m planning on implementing this table for my next Hangouts session.)

Third, I’d like to propose a new spell. The restore life & limb spell raises the dead and heals debilitating wounds, but I want a lower-level spell that just removes the wounds.

Lesser Restoration
Divine 4
Range: touch (120′)
Duration: instantaneous

This spell is a lesser version of restore life & limb. It cannot restore life, but can heal one permanent wound – such as a lost limb, disfiguring scar, or shattered spine.

The wound must be reasonably fresh; no longer than two days old at 6th level, with four days added per level above 6th. For example, a 8th level caster can heal a permanent wound that was inflicted 10 days ago.

This spell would replace “Sticks to Snakes” from the Priestess spell list.

Hyperborea HR


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