Setting Info – Personalities of Fort Türas

UPDATE (27-Sep-15): I’m going to try to keep this post up-to-date with key NPCs from Türas Tem and environs. Malyn is the most recent addition.

Bjorn_SkullsplitterBjorn Skullsplitter (Ftr 8): The Jarl of Türas Tem, Bjorn is a battle-hardened Viking warrior of 45 years. Coined “Skullsplitter” both for the fate of his foes as well as the severe cranial scarring he himself has endured. A fervent worshiper of Türas, he takes wise council from Preost Gamelskagg. Considered weak by the other Bandit Kings, given his lack of savagery and devotion to a “lesser” god.

GamelskaggPreost Gamelskagg (Clr 6): “Old Beard” Gamelskagg is an elderly Viking Cleric of Türas who has served the family of Bjorn Skullsplitter for many years. The head of the local priesthood, he conceals his increasing frailty and poor health.

Commander Ilarion (Ftr 5): Grizzled professional soldier; mid-30s and of mixed Keltic ancestry. Commander of the troops within Fort Türas, he has served under Bjorn for more than a decade and obeys him without question. Disreputable rumours connect him with the brigand Drusus.

Malyn_ThumbnailMalyn the Misshapen (Mage 6): Once a promising scholar in the Sages’ Guild of Khromarium, Malyn was left hideously crippled and deformed by a magical experiment gone awry. A spiteful and brooding man, Malyn tends to take his personal misery out on everyone around him. Malyn will only meet with adventurers if they are introduced by Bjorn, Wulfgar, or his own apprentices.

Bersi the SkaldBersi the Skald (Skald 4): Chronicler from a competing Brigand King’s warband, Bersi was captured during a raid and now serves as official Skald of Türas Tem. Despite his imprisonment, he has been treated well and has come to admire Bjorn. He will not allow others to speak ill of the Jarl or Türas. Some, however, question his close relationship to the Jarl’s wife.

Karanos (Venturer 4): A merchant prince from Port Zangerios, Karanos has established trade routes to Türas Tem (and surrounding villages) with Bjorn’s support. He secretly fears for his life, as he owes substantial debts to a crime syndicate back home.

Jenny Greenteeth (Witch 4): A fixture at the Traveler’s Inn, Genelec “Jenny” Greenteeth seems to be a prostitute of advanced years, but in truth is (also) a wise woman and herbalist who helps the common peasants of Türas Tem.

Seamus McAnus (Thf 3): Operating under an assumed name, Seamus McAnus is the shadowy head of the “Dead Rabbits”, a local thieves’ guild/street gang. He despises the domination of the region by Viking soldiers and wishes to return the fort to Keltic rule.

WulfgarHuscarl Wulfgar (Ftr 3): Wulfgar is a balding, ugly, dull-eyed man in his 30s. Despite being of mixed ancestry himself, he treats any non-Viking with disdain. Although despised by most, Wulfgar is a frighteningly competent warrior and tactician. He seeks greater authority under Bjorn.

Hyperborea HR

There are a few other NPCs that you haven’t met yet, but who you have heard about:

The Swamp Priest (Xathoqquan 5): Lurks in the Viamir Marshes. Rumoured to be a powerful Sorcerer-Priest of Xathoqqua. He is said to possess great wisdom and has significant support from commoners and peasants who resent the religion of Türas.

Drusus (Ftr 4): Former commander under Bjorn Skullsplitter, he was popular and well-liked – but betrayed Bjorn and became a bandit. Currently leader of the “Disciples” gang. A reward of 750gp shall be paid by Bjorn to whomever brings this outlaw to justice.

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