Setting Info – Armour Costs in Türas Tem

One item that came up last session… Costs for heavy armour in Astonishing ACKS are higher than in the Core Rules. And the selection in Türas Tem is somewhat limited:

Cost Armour
Weight Avail?
Light Armour:
  Soft Leather 10 gp +1 1 st.
  Quilted Gambeson 10 gp +1 1 st.
  Leather Jerkin 20 gp +2 2 st.
  Sea Leather * 40 gp +2 2 st. 50%
Medium Armour:
  Studded Leather 30 gp +3 3 st.
  Ring Mail 35 gp +3 3 st. 60%
  Chain Byrnie 50 gp +3 3 st. 30%
  Chain Hauberk 75 gp +4 4 st. 20%
Heavy Armour:
  Double Chain 150 gp +5 5 st. 10%
  Shield 10 gp +1 1 st.

* Characters in Sea Leather can swim without penalty and the armour is not damaged by salt water.

“Availability” indicates the chance that a particular item is in stock. Items that are not available can be commissioned from local armoursmiths. Allow 1 day per 5 gp value for fabrication (e.g., chain mail would take 15 days).

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