Astonishing ACKS – Hyperborean Barbarians

(I’ve also got a Barbarian PC in my new campaign. The player doesn’t have the ACKS Player’s Companion, and I’ve changed the options anyways, so I put together a summary sheet for him.)

Hyperborean Barbarians are savage warriors from the outlands of civilization. Some Barbarians live on the edge of true savagery, while others hail from rich cultures with epic poetry and weapons of steel – but all bridge the instinctual gap betwixt man and beast, rejecting urbane ways. In Hyperborea, Barbarians might be fierce Skandik reavers, swift Kimmerian horse archers, Keltic skirmirshers, painted Pictish warriors, or mammoth-hunting Eskuit tribesmen.

Hyperborea HR


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2 Responses to Astonishing ACKS – Hyperborean Barbarians

  1. K-Slacker says:

    There was a post over at Crowbar and Brick last week about Barbarians in ACKS.

    The Barbarian in my campaign is still at 1st level while the others have made it to 2nd. We’ll see how next session goes and how much the “XP tax” will affect him, but in previous AD&D campaigns the differential wasn’t enough to really affect things.

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