Session Report – The Fall of Calford

Well, yesterday we actually played a session of Astonishing ACKS! I ran it as a “character funnel”, starting with eight 1st-level PCs (two per player), and whittling that down to four by the session’s end. (Plus one maimed survivor.)

Keltic Hill Fort

The party began in the Chieftain’s Hall in Calford, which is a small hill fort/village in Brigand’s Bay. Calford was built near a river crossing and a navigable fjord, to control the local trade routes (which were heavily-traveled before the Green Death).

At sunset, Bird-Men were spotted circling far overhead (out of bow-shot). Soon afterwards, the alarm was sounded as Lizard-Men mounted on Giant Geckos scaled the walls of the hill-fort! The PCs joined the fray to defend Calford, but a second wave of Vhuurmis suddenly attacked from the opposite direction.

Vhuurmis, Bird-Man, and Lizard-Man

Vhuurmis, Bird-Man, and Lizard-Man

A vicious battle ensued, and the PCs joined in the defense of the village. Many brave heroes fell (and I got to try out the Mortal Wounds tables), but they managed to repel the first wave of attackers!

However, a third wave of reinforcements appeared (combined Vhuurmis and Lizard-Men). As his village fell to the beastmen, Chieftain Delmar called upon our heroes to ride forth and send news to Bjorn Skullcrusher – the local Brigand King in Türas Tem (Fort Türas) – of the attack.

As the PCs fled on horseback, they spotted the silhouette of human figure in the distance – a tall woman garbed in armour – conferring with a Vhuurmis, a Bird-Man, and a Lizard-Man…

Hyperborea HR


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