Setting Info – Brigand’s Bay

Characters begin play in Brigand’s Bay. Here’s a general overview.

Mainland Hyperborea (Brigand's Bay)

This inlet is lined with the petty holdings of thieves, outlaws, and other villainous men. These holdings emerged at the end of the Dark Age. Each is its own fortress of some 500–1,000 individuals. Each is walled, is mounted with siege engines, and boasts two or more warships. The rulers fancy themselves dukes or kinglets, but the ruling elite of Khromarium scoff at such conceits.

Territorial disputes are bloody and frequent. History shews that single dukes have managed to assume authority of two or even three holdings, but such dominions scarcely endure, and never have all the holdings of Brigand’s Bay been united under one banner. Unscrupulous men of both Khromarium and Port Zangerios maintain business connexions with Brigand’s Bay, trafficking in all manner of stolen goods, illegal commodities, slaves, and so on. Racial diversity is the norm in Brigand’s Bay; hence, racial admixtures are quite common, with strains of Kelt, Viking, Pict, Kimmerian, and Esquimaux evidenced.

Brigand's Bay (Detail)

Hyperborea HR


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