Astonishing ACKS – Tlak-Nakkan Witch

From the Hyperborean Gazetteer:


This deity is associated with spiders, death, poison, predation, murder, witchcraft, dreams, and fate. Tlakk-Nakka is an arachnid goddess reputed to beguile her followers into obeisance. She is said to manifest as an enormous spider with the head of crowned, raven-haired woman shewing jewel-black eyes. It is told that Tlakk-Nakka dwells within the impossible depths of Mount Vhuurmithadon, the treble-peaked dead volcano that rises from the epicentre of the Spiral Mountain Array. There she eternally weaves, taking her provender from that which finds itself ensnared in her webs, be it man, beast, dæmon, or god.

One of the PCs in my upcoming campaign is a Pict worshiper of Tlak-Nakka. The spider god is served by Witches (as per the ACKS Player’s Companion) with a custom Tradition (Spider Totem) and totem animal (Spider).

Hyperborea HR

Spider Totem Witch Tradition (adapted from By This Axe.)

A Tlakk-Nakkan Witch receives the following bonus spells:

Bonus Spells:

1st – detect poison
2nd – delay poison
3rd – web
4th – summon animals (spiders)

1st level: Tlakk-Nakka provides the Witch with a spider totem animal companion to watch over and protect her. The Witch also receives the animal’s totem benefit (see below for stats).

3rd level: Starting at 3rd level, a Tlakk-Nakkan Witch may cast spider climb once every 8 hours. Each use takes 1 round.

5th level: Starting at 5th level, the Witch may shapechange as a shaman into spider-form.

7th level: At 7th level, the Tlak-Nakkan may cast poison (the reverse of neutralize poison once per week. Each use takes 1 round.

Hyperborea HR

Additional Totem Animals

Spiders are the totem animals of Tlak-Nakka Witches. Use the stats shown below (also swiped from By This Axe):

Additional Totem Animals

Hyperborea HR


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