Bakshi Spider-Man Art

I’ve picked a selection of retro Spider-Man art for my header image. The 1967 animated series was jointly produced in Canada and the US and was on heavy rotation from CTV when I grew up. Ralph Bakshi was in charge for the second and third seasons, and he added a distinct psychedelic twist to the show (despite low budgets and poor production values).

The background images – especially the watercolour skies – are how I view Hyperborea.

Dementia 5

Episodes which evoke a Hyperborean feel include Menace From the Bottom of the World, Spider-Man Battles the Molemen, Phantom From the Depths of Time, The Evil Sorcerer, Vine, Neptune’s Nose Cone, and (the classic) Revolt in the Fifth Dimension. (Footage from these episodes was re-used in rather shoddy third season, and some scenes were shared with Rocket Robin Hood.)

Keep it weird, my friends!

Hyperborea HR


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