Astonishing ACKS – Bard Class

Hyperborean BardHyperborean Bards are weird, but in a good way. I wanted a spellcasting bard, and Crowbar & Brick had a version that I used as a starting point. This custom class uses the Dual Casting and Fellowship house rules.

HD 1 (d6), Fighting 1b (3 trade-offs), Dual Caster 2 (1 trade-off).

Base XP: 500 + 500 + 900 = 1900 XP for 2nd level.

1 Fighting Style: Two-weapon style.
Narrow Weapon Selection: Swords/daggers, club, short bow, staff.
Narrow Armour Selection: Leather armour or lighter (no shields).
Custom Powers: Eldritch Aura (Glamorous Aura), Inspire Courage, Loremastery, Perform (select one type).

Maximum Level: 14th.
Prime Requisite: Charisma.
Requirements: INT & WIS 9 or more, CHA 12 or more.
Proficiencies: As Bard; minus Elven Bloodline, plus Otherworldly Enemies.
Attacks Throws: As Thief.
Saving Throws: As Mage.
Magic Items: As Mage.
Stronghold: Fellowship.

Divine Spells: Bards are adepts of the druidic tradition. The Bard’s divine spell lists is limited to five per level, selected (by the player) from the Shaman spell list.

Arcane Spells: A Bard’s arcane repertoire is equal to the number of spells per level, and the character does not use a spellbook. As per my house rule, Bards may cast arcane spells while wearing soft leather or cloth armour (AC 1).

Hyperborea HR


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5 Responses to Astonishing ACKS – Bard Class

  1. K-Slacker says:

    The original “Bard” class from ACKS is named “Skald” in my Hyperborean campaign. Bards are usually Keltic; Skalds are predominantly Vikings.

  2. K-Slacker says:

    This pre-generated template represents a Gatekeeper-trained Bard furnished with the terrible knowledge of alien species and the nameless horrors they represent. The template is ready for adventure. However, if your Bard’s INT is 13 or greater, you may pick one or more additional general proficiencies before play. The Bard’s bonus Performance proficiency is noted in italics.

    Template: Gatekeeper Bard

    Proficiencies: Otherworldly Enemies, Knowledge (occult), Performance (instruments).
    Equipment: Shortbow, quiver with 20 arrows, sword, dagger, quarterstaff, leather armour, simple hooded cloak with Gatekeeper clasp, traveler’s tunic and pants, leather belt, high boots, pan pipes, 1 week’s iron rations, 3 gp.

  3. K-Slacker says:

    I picked up the “Celtic Bard” pdf from Micah Scale today, and I think I’m likely to use it instead of the Bard class posted above. It’s closer to the core “Bard” class in ACKS (which I’ve reskinned as a “Skald”), but has Divine 1 spellcasting.

    (I’d swap “Elven Bloodline” out for “Otherworldly Enemies” in Hyperborea, though.)

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