Astonishing ACKS – Divine Spell Progressions

Another fiddly post – here are custom spell progressions for divine casters. I was generally okay with the wonky old-school advancement but couldn’t stand the two spell levels granted at 6th level; I’ve smoothed this out a bit. I’ve also tweaked the Divine 1 options for balance at high levels.

Divine 2 is the “standard” Cleric progression, which is also used for Shamans, Bladedancers, Sorcerer-Priests, and Purloiners. Witches and Priestesses have a Divine value of 4, which grants them even more spells per day than mages.

By default, divine casters may turn or command undead as a cleric of the same caster level. (Custom classes can exchange this ability for 1 custom power for every point allocated to Divine.)

Divine Spell Repertoire: One other house rule – divine casters in my campaigns have a limited spell repertoire. The base number of spells in a divine caster’s repertoire is equal to the number of spells he can cast per day at each spell level, modified by the caster’s Wisdom bonus. A divine caster can change his spell repertoire (for free) when he prays each day, swapping for other selections from his class list.

Hyperborea HR

Divine 4

Divine 3

Divine 2

Divine 1

Hyperborea HR

Divine 1 Unlock
Hyperborea HR


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