Astonishing ACKS – Arcane Spell Progressions

This is where I start to get really fiddly with house rules – here are my custom spell progressions for arcane casters. I’m posting these mostly to cut-and-paste into future class descriptions (if I ever get to run an Astonishing ACKS campaign).

I’ve granted low-level spells earlier than canon. (For example, a 6th level Astonishing ACKS mage can cast 4 1st-lvl spells.) I think this helps the partial-progression classes more than the stock mage. I’ve also given some extra spells in the “off-levels”. Not a big boost, but it helps partial casters (such as specialists) a bit.

(After some reflection, I’ve boosted the “1/3 Progression” Arcane 1 casters a bit more.)

Hyperborea HR

Arcane 4

Arcane 3

Arcane 2

Arcane 1

Hyperborea HR

Arcane 3 Unlock

Arcane 2 Unlock
Arcane 1 Unlock

Hyperborea HR


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8 Responses to Astonishing ACKS – Arcane Spell Progressions

  1. Tom H. says:

    I don’t understand why you say 1/3 progression sucks; L-7 is stronger at endgame, but from levels 2 through 10 the 1/3 progression partial caster has more spell options and thus more survivability.

    • K-Slacker says:

      I dunno, it’s one or two 1st-lvl spells for a lot of levels… Maybe useful for a thief variant but you’re giving up a whole build point for it.

  2. K-Slacker says:

    (Update: I tweaked the 1/3 progression a bit; casters get some spells a little earlier.)

  3. K-Slacker says:

    Full (Arcane 4) casters can independently research spells, scribe scrolls, and brew potions starting at 5th level. At 9th level, they may begin to craft other magic items, such as rods, rings, swords, etc. At 11th level, full casters may cast ritual spells, create constructs, conduct magical crossbreeding, and transform creatures into intelligent undead.

    Arcane 3 casters can conduct minor magical research at 7th level, and full magical research at 13th level. They may gain some additional abilities at 13th level, if they possess the appropriate proficiencies.

    Arcane 2 casters can conduct minor magical research at 9th level, while Arcane 1 casters must wait until 12th level before achieving this milestone.

  4. K-Slacker says:

    I think I’ll institute a house rule that arcane casters can add one new spell to their repertoire per class level for free, instead of filling out all spells per day.

    This will leave some empty slots for Mages starting at level 6 (when they’re pulling ahead in terms of power level compared to other classes), but will allow high-INT specialists to fill out their repertoire on their “off” levels (3/6/9/12).

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  6. K-Slacker says:

    One last house rule… I’m going to decrease the XP costs for Arcane Value 1/2/3 classes as follows (superseding ACKS Player’s Companion p.81):

    Value Arcane XP Cost
    4 Mage 2500
    3 2/3 Mage 1800
    2 1/2 Mage 1200
    1 1/3 Mage 600

    (This has the pleasing effect of decreasing a Specialist Mage’s base experience to 2000 XP, the same as a Fighter.)

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