Simians & Sorcery!

(I’ve been on a Planet of the Apes kick recently and might run a one-shot of Dungeon of the Apes using my Affiliation Campaign rules…)

Monkey Man

Far to the southwest – across the Barrier Peaks and on the shores of the Great Ocean – exists the Simian Sultanate. This realm is ruled by great apes (of various races) and the local humans are either feral and animalistic or mutated psionic savants.

The Simian Sultanate is anti-human and generally anti-tech. Their religion is similar to the Church of Law and centres around the Lawgiver. Arcane magic is outlawed, and Ancient lore is treated with suspicion.

The Sultanate is largely isolationist and self-sufficient. Their primary foes are psi-mutants inhabiting the ruins of the Forbidden Zone. The Sultanate must also contend with nests of feral near-humans throughout their territory.

Level Limits

Ftr M‑U Clr Thf Hun Psi     Sci    
Chimpanzee F F F F F F 7 F
Gorilla F 4 6 7 8 5 4
Orangutan 7 5 F 6 5 6 5
Gibbon 6 4 5 F 6 5 4

(Add the character’s Prime Requisite modifier to all level limits.)
F Favoured class; can freely multiclass.

Inverse Dots


Ability Scores: Simians have a minimum STR score of 9. They receive adjustments to their ability scores depending on species.

Special Abilities: PCs typically speak the Simian tongue and are literate. In addition, simians receive the following special abilities depending on species:

  • Chimpanzee: No modifiers to ability scores (baseline simian race). Claw or bite for 1d4 damage. +1 to Climb checks. Single-classed chimps have +10% bonus to all XP earned. Multi-classed chimps can advance simultaneously in any two classes (no ‘favoured class’ restrictions). Saving Throw value improved by 1.
  • Gorilla: +2 STR, -2 INT, +1 CON, -1 CHA. Claw or bite for 1d6 damage. Gorillas add +2 to starting hit points. Favoured class: Fighter.
  • Orangutan: +1 STR, +1 WIS (max 18). Claw or bite for 1d6 damage. Orangs add +1 to starting hit points. Favoured class: Cleric.
  • Gibbon: +2 DEX, -2 WIS. Wall-Climber perk, full brachiation movement. Claw or bite for 1d4 damage. Favoured class: Thief.

Restrictions: Simians must succeed a saving throw vs. poison or become ill when using Ancient medicines and related relics. However, since they are closely-related to humans, they get a +2 bonus on this save.

Simians are restricted in advancement as noted in the table above.

Reaction Adjustments: Like mutants, simians receive a -1 reaction penalty from ‘normal’ humans, and a -1 morale penalty when serving under a human.

Inverse Dots


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One Response to Simians & Sorcery!

  1. K-Slacker says:

    I got the PDF of Apes Victorious today and am on a simian kick again. One detail that I like is that the rules differentiate between Chimps and Bonobos. I think if I were to re-write my Simians & Sorcery post, I would add the following option:

    • Bonobo: No modifiers to ability scores. Claw or bite for 1d4 damage. +1 to Climb checks. Their social skills grant them a +1 to reaction rolls. Saving Throw value improved by 1. Favoured class: Thief.

    (Bonobos have the same level limits as Chimps.)

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