Astonishing ACKS – Warlock Class

UPDATE (25-Oct-15): A completely new Warlock Class has been posted.

A Spellsword class for human characters. Warlocks focus on melee combat and spellcasting, wielding both weapons of steel and the incantations of a wizard. The original Warlocks learnt their art from Hyperborean masters, but this is now a human tradition.

(This class supersedes the “standard” ACKS Warlock, which are known as ‘Diabolists‘ in my Hyperborea. Use my custom Arcane 2 progression.)

HD 1 (d6), Fighting 1b (1 trade-off), Arcane 2 (½ Mage).

Base XP: 500 + 500 + 1250 = 2250 for 2nd level.

2 Fighting Styles: Two-weapon style, two-handed weapons.
Narrow Weapon Selection: Swords/daggers, spears/polearms.
Broad Armour Selection: Chain or lighter, no shields. (Note that the Warlock can only cast arcane spells while wearing non-metallic armour of AC 2 or less.)
Custom Powers: Arcane Striking @ 5th; Spell Storing @ 9th.

Maximum Level: 14th.
Prime Requisite: Strength and Intelligence.
Requirements: STR & INT 12 or more.
Proficiencies: As Ruinguard; plus Armoured Casting, Martial Training, and Swashbuckling; minus Fighting Style (Weapon & Shield), Kin-Slaying, Sensing Good, Theology, and Weapon Focus (Axes).
Attack Throws: As Cleric.
Saving Throws: As Mage.
Magic Items: As Mage.
Stronghold: As Mage.

Hyperborea HR


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  1. K-Slacker says:

    I’ve completely revamped this class and posted an updated summary:

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