New Race – Shifter

(This is another post related to an attempted old-school conversion of my Pathfinder mini-campaign set in Lesserton & Mor.)

Shifters are a near-human breed that is relatively common throughout the Affiliation and Beastman clans. With both human and bestial ancestors, shifters posses a portion of their forefathers’ animalistic abilities. Although they usually resemble (ugly) humans, they can shift parts of their body to become animal-like for short periods of time.

When their true nature is discovered, shifters typically face suspicion from pure-strain humans. They have been the target of several pogroms led by zealous inquisitors of the Church of Law. There are various ‘strains’ of shifter, depending on their beastman ancestry.

Level Limits

Ftr M-U Clr Thf Hun Psi
Shifter 8 4 5 7 9 F 6

(Add the character’s Prime Requisite modifier to all level limits.)
F Favoured class; shifters can freely multiclass as hunters.

Inverse Dots


Ability Scores: Shifters have a minimum CON and DEX scores of 9. They receive a +1 to starting DEX and -1 to INT and CHA.

Special Abilities: All shifters possess Nightvision. They have keen senses and gain a +1 to Spot/Listen checks. Shifters favour the hunter class, and may multiclass as hunters. Shifter PCs typically speak Unislang and the Beast Tongue, but are illiterate.

Shifting: A shifter can tap into his animalistic heritage to gain short bursts of physical power. Shifting is a free action and lasts a number of rounds equal to 3 plus the shifter’s CON modifier. A character may shift once per day, receiving the following special abilities depending on strain:

  • Beasthide: When shifting, a beasthide gains +2 CON and natural armour that provides +2 AC.
  • Cliffwalk: When shifting, a cliffstrider gains +2 DEX and a climb speed of 20′.
  • Dreamsight: The rarest of shifter strains, gains +2 WIS and the ability to Speak With Animals (as spell).
  • Gorebrute: When shifting, a gorebrute gains +2 STR and grows horns which can be used as a natural weapon for 1d6 damage.
  • Longstride: When shifting, a longstride gains +2 DEX and his base movement rate increases by 10′.
  • Longtooth: When shifting, a longtooth gains +2 STR and a bite attack for 1d6 damage.
  • Razorclaw: When shifting, a razorclaw gains +2 STR and grows claws which inflict 1d6 damage.
  • Swiftwing: When shifting, a swift gains +2 DEX and his arms grow leathery flaps of skin which grant a fly speed of 20′. They shifter can’t fly while wearing armour or encumbered, and while airborne cannot use his hands for anything other than holding small objects.
  • Truedive: When shifting, a truedive gains +2 CON and a swim speed of 30′. In addition, he can hold his breath for up to 1 turn (starting from the instant he shifts).
  • Wildhunt: When shifting, a wildhunt shifter gains +2 CON and the Keen Scent ability.

Restrictions: Shifters may advance up to 9th level as hunters, 8th level as fighters, 7th level as thieves, 6th level as psionicists, 5th level as clerics, and 4th level as magic-users.

Reaction Adjustments: Shifters can usually pass as (almost) human. However, if the character’s true nature becomes known (such as being seen shifting), he receives a -1 reaction penalty from ‘normal’ humans. Shifter NPCs have a -1 morale penalty when serving under a human.

Inverse Dots


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