Gunslinger (Fighter Variant)

(I was running a Pathfinder mini-campaign set in Lesserton & Mor before I got on my recent Barrowmaze kick. In the hopes that my players convert to the old-school ways, I’m posting a conversion of the Gunslinger class, treating it as a fighter variant.)


For a renegade few, battle sounds different than it does for the typical fighter. The clash of steel and the sizzle of spell energy are drowned out by the thunderous rhythm of gunfire—the pounding beat of the gunslinger.

Gunslingers are a bold and mysterious lot. While many treat the secrets of black powder with the same care and reverence that a wizard typically reserves for his grimoire, most gunslingers know that firearms are a secret that cannot remain concealed forever. While current firearms are simple, often imprecise, and even dangerous devices, they are a technology on the move, and one that will become even more powerful when more secrets of the Ancients are discovered.

Gunslinger Progression

Level XP Hit Dice BAB
1 0 1d8+5 +1 +0 15
2 1,500 2d8+5 +2 +0 14
3 3,000 3d8+5 +2 +1 14
4 6,000 4d8+5 +3 +1 13
5 12,000 5d8+5 +4 +1 13
6 24,000 6d8+5 +4 +2 12
7 48,000 7d8+5 +5 +2 12
8 90,000 8d8+5 +6 +2 11
9 180,000 9d8+5 +6 +3 11

Inverse Dots

Game Rule Information

Prime Requisite: A gunslinger’s prime requisite is Dexterity; a character must have a DEX score of 13 or higher to become a gunslinger. As a fighter sub-class, gunslingers must also possess a STR score of 9 or higher.

Alignment: A gunslinger may be of any alignment.

Hit Dice: Gunslingers start with a “hit point kicker” of 5 hp and gain 1d8 hit points + CON mod per class level.

Combat Ability: A gunslinger has a good Base Attack Bonus progression with firearms, but only a fair progression with other weapons. Gunslingers are proficient with all low-tech weapons, plus all retro-tech firearms. They are proficient with light armour, medium armour, and shields (except tower shields).

Saving Throws: Gunslingers have fair saving throws. Due to their grit and determination, gunslingers gain +1 on saves vs. mind-influencing effects.

Special Abilities

Gunsmith: At 1st level, a gunslinger gains a retro-tech firearm of his choice. His starting weapon is battered, and only he knows how to use it properly. This starting weapon can only be sold for scrap (it’s worth 4d10 gp). See the Weapons page for more information.

The gunslinger also knows the secrets of crafting and repairing firearms. If he has access to a gunsmith’s kit, he can create and restore guns, craft bullets, and mix black powder for all types of firearms. Refer to the Pathfinder Gunsmithing rules for additional details about crafting items.

Nimble: Starting at 2nd level, a gunslinger gains a +1 dodge bonus to AC while wearing light or no armour. Anything that causes the gunslinger to lose his Dexterity bonus to AC also causes him to lose this dodge bonus. This bonus increases by +1 for every four levels beyond 2nd level (at 6th, 10th, etc.).

Firearm Specialization: At 3rd level, the gunslinger gains a +1 bonus on attack rolls and +2 to damage with a selected type of firearm (such as black powder pistol or breech-loading rifle).

Rapid Shot: Experienced gunslingers learn how to make rapid shots in succession against weak foes. In game terms, this is the same as the fighter’s Cleave ability, except it applies only to ranged weapons and is gained at 5th level (instead of 3rd).

Apprentices: Gunslingers do not establish strongholds like a fighter. However, a gunslinger 9th level will attract apprentices. The referee will provide guidelines.

Inverse Dots


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