Session Report – Barrowmaze #2

(Note to Googlers: This is the second in my series of Barrowmaze session reports, not a session report for Barrowmaze II.)

The surviving tomb raiders continued their foray into the Barrowmaze, accompanied by one new companion. Characters for the this session were Paint & Ping, Lexin & Ssithos, and Flipper & Xothalon. This time, six PCs went in and four came out.

We started in Helix, where the party purchased the diminutive Ping from a traveling snake-oil salesman (along with some juju healing salves), before venturing back to the barrows…

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Session Report

Key events from this session include:

  • The party decided to explore a couple other barrow mounds. They first checked out a looted mound (#3) then went to the primary mound (#15).
  • The first wandering monster check revealed skeletons skittering around the entry chamber below the barrow mound. I thought that was kind of cool.
  • Lexin’s phobia of the written word was quite amusing, given the prevalence of graffiti within the Barrowmaze.
  • Paint had a habit of charging forward without thinking first. He ended up stranded with Lexin in the skeleton trap near the entrance. Awesome! (Disclosure: I nearly wussed out and decreased the number of skeletons to even out the fight. The PCs survived despite the poor odds.)
  • Lexin forgot to look up when he was entering a room and died from the poison bite of a giant crab spider. It was just like the illustration in the module. Awesome! The party became more cautious after Lexin’s death, and seemed to be genuinely spooked by the dungeon.
  • The PCs finally figured out that all the good loot was hidden in the burial alcoves, and started searching for treasure. Xothalos bit the dust when he was “guarding the rear” during a treasure hunt and was eaten by mutant beetles. Hilarity ensued when the PCs attempted to use the techno-magic “Power Gloves” to revive Xothalos in the hope that they were implements of healing. Turns out they’re Gloves of Shocking.
  • Ssithos managed to use his spirit guide (Gamiel the Frog Prince) to good effect, distracting the giant rattler snake (in area #62) long enough to slay it. Bastards even thought to cut the snake open to find the gems in the gullet. The battle attracted some mongrelmen scouts, but the creatures fled north and the PCs were in no shape to pursue.
  • Venturing further, the group discovered the passages that they explored in the previous session! Luckily for them, the restock rolls came up empty and they were able to return safely to the surface.

It was getting kind of late, so I didn’t bother with any encounter checks on the surface. They made it safely back to Helix.

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Treasure Summary

The characters looted several hundred Necromancer-era electrum pieces from the alcoves. There was also a mysterious ring (of an unknown alloy), and some gemstones.

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Experience Summary

Once again, I awarded a flat 2,500 XP to each surviving party member. Some of the PCs have enough experience to gain two levels, but I’m limiting them to one level per session (they get to keep the excess XP, though).

Starting next session, I’m being stricter on which characters are the “primary PCs”, and which ones are henchmen. I’m also going to push the idea of hirelings.

Updated character stats have been posted on the Player Characters page.

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One Response to Session Report – Barrowmaze #2

  1. K-Slacker says:

    I felt my referee-fu for the game was somewhat weak. It is a complement to the module, however, that the atmosphere and mood did not suffer and the players appeared to thoroughly enjoy the session.

    The two PC deaths felt somewhat random (particularly the wandering encounter death). That said, there were two encounters (the skeleton trap and the giant snake) which probably should have resulted in fatalities. It all comes down to the dice… The characters are high enough level now that I think player skill will play a larger roll role.

    It was cool when the party made it back to the halls explored in the first session. I was able to link the two maps together onto a single sheet of paper.

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