Session Report – Barrowmaze #1

So we have a bit of a hiatus in our typical “Rise of the Runelords” D&D 2e campaign and I offered to run a couple sessions of Barrowmaze. I managed to snare three players, each with two PCs: Lead & Paint, Lexin & Ssithos, and Flipper & Xothalon.

I started the characters at the entrance of the Barrowmaze, near the village of Helix in the Grass Plains Barony of the Affiliation…

Inverse Dots

Session Report

Key events from this session include:

  • The mutants and near-humans elected to roll randomly for all of their mutations. I should include some in-game benefit for this…
  • One of those mutants rolled Crude Hands and Reduced Mobility for his flaws, and he got Thick Hide and Sonic Blast amongst his perks. He decided that he was a dolphin – his hands and feet were flippers, he was protected by a thick layer of blubber, and his sonic blast is those annoying dolphin noises. (Guess which PC this is?)
  • Two of the PCs had the ‘Night Blindness’ flaw, great for underground catacombs. Honestly, I don’t think I took enough advantage of this flaw…
  • Instead of the ‘obvious’ burial mound, the characters chose to explore a different mound and discovered a ‘back entrance’ into the Barrowmaze.
  • Lexin started with a breech-loader pistol, which he promptly destroyed in his first attack roll in the first round of combat (a natural 1)! Awesome!
  • Lead died in the first battle (against a swarm of giant mutant mosquitoes). Then his allies rolled two critical misses, and shot an arrow into the corpse and drove a crowbar through an eye socket. Awesome!
  • Dumbass Flipper managed to succeed in every Listen check for the whole adventure. Bastard must have ultrasonic hearing or something…
  • Ssithos was a lizardfolk acolyte of the Church of Law. Since every single Exorcism attempt failed, he is reconsidering is faith and will likely return to his tribal beliefs.
  • Chaos is fun. Lexin read a runic tablet and now has a phobia about written words. And in the next room, he found an obelisk inscribed with runes. Hilarity ensued.
  • Annoying NPCs are fun. I need to learn how to speak in stupid voices. A mongrelfolk mook managed to crawl screaming and bleeding down the hall for like six rounds while PCs peppered him with arrows – even though he only started with 2 hp.
  • The group managed to defeat Kelmok (Necromancer of Chardros) and his skeletal hordes. Lexin almost had his organs extracted, until he was reminded of his Biofeedback mutation. The PCs are lucky that I nerfed the sleep spell in Mutants & Magic. The group even managed to get Kelmok’s spellbook…

After the climactic battle, the PCs managed to find their way back to the surface and retreat to Helix. There, they discovered that all the kewl platinum pieces they found were about as useful as a platinum credit card at a whorehouse…

Inverse Dots

Treasure Summary

The characters managed to find a good amount of Necromancer-era platinum pieces amongst the burial crypts. Xothalon claimed a pair of Ancient gauntlets (like Nintendo Power Gloves), but has no clue WTF they do. (Awesome!) They also recovered a pair of engraved copper rings plus the necromancer’s spellbook.

Not bad for an initial foray…

Inverse Dots

Experience Summary

Since this is a short-term mini-campaign, I awarded a flat 2,500 XP to each surviving party member, plus 1,250 XP to Lead’s replacement.

Updated character stats have been posted on the Player Characters page.

Inverse Dots


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  1. K-Slacker says:

    Lead’s character sheet had already been erased and Ping had been rolled up before I got a chance to add the fallen PC to the Boneyard

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