In the Shadow of Mount Rotten

I bought another module lately from Faster Monkey Games, this one called In the Shadow of Mount Rotten. It’s a sourcebook for playing goblinoid PCs and also provides information for a region called the Rotlands. Grognardia has a review.

The setting is linked to their previous release, Lesserton & Mor, so once again I think I’ll swipe it for my Mutants & Magic campaign. It’s a chance to use Anomalous Subsurface goblins in my game, and I think I’ll replace the hobgoblins with varieties of lesser Beastmen, and the orcs with mutants.

It was an alliance of these primitive creatures who conquered the Ancient domed metropolis of Mor, and the Rotlands lie northeast of Mor, and directly east from the Dismal Swamp.

Damn; I need to get a game of Mutants & Magic running…

Inverse Dots


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