My latest PDF purchase is Barrowmaze from Greg Gillespie.

It’s a classic old-school megadungeon with an undead theme. It fits well with the campaign background of Mutants & Magic, involving the overthrow of the Necromancer Kings prior to the rise of the Affiliation.

I’ve got ideas of how to convert the Nergal/Orcus/Set concepts from Barrowmaze to fit the mythology of Chardros the Reaper in Mutants & Magic (hint: It involves the Tomb of the Iron God), and there are several other aspects (such as mongrelmen) which fit the campaign like a glove.

I don’t have any megadungeons yet in the Grass Plains region (one of the Outer Territories, east of the Free City), so I think I think it will make a good location for this adventure…

Inverse Dots


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One Response to Barrowmaze

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks man. Please let me know how it goes when you play it!

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