Tempora Mutantur

(A bump for my other blog.)

During the minimalist one-page RPG buzz last year, I put together another little post-apoc game, called ‘Tempora Mutantur’. Since then, I’ve added a number of (one-page) supplements and grafted something resembling a campaign setting around it. You can find the results of my work here:

Tempora Mutantur uses Simon J. Bull’s “SotU Refired” as a basis, which was itself inspired by Nicolas Dessaux’s original “Searchers of the Unknown”.

Comments and feedback are welcome.


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3 Responses to Tempora Mutantur

  1. K-Slacker says:

    And for those of you who are into the minimalist thing, I’ve created a Norse-themed Post-Ragnarök RPG entitled “Dwarven Glory”. You can find it here:


    As always, comments and feedback are welcome.

  2. Moses says:

    Is Mutants and Magic Tempora Mutantur with more rules?

  3. K-Slacker says:

    Nope; it’s a different campaign world, with magic. And the rules are more detailed than the minimalist system in Tempora Mutantur.

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