Gods Eyes

I just picked up Anomalous Subsurface Environment from Henchman Abuse. It’s quite excellent and I recommend it highly.

One element that I’ll definitely swipe for my wahoo post-apoc setting is the concept of “Gods Eyes”. Here is some text from the module:

The gods of men in these latter days are also the creations of men, though no divinity will admit to this history…

High above the atmosphere, enormous satellites containing the hardware necessary to run these AI’s orbit the planet. They number in the hundreds, and communicate directly to their followers through “eyes” installed in their temples below. These eyes are massive screens through which a god may directly observe its followers, and appear to them.

The gods, through means unknown to simple organic minds, are able to grant spells to their priests. The priests must pray for renewal of their powers at certain times of the day. These times are linked directly to when the AI’s are in orbit directly overhead.

I’m thinking that the Church of Law is devoted to the orbital gods, worshiping them via the gods eyes.

Inverse Dots


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