Magic March

I’ve decided to document a bunch of my house rules related to magic and spellcasters during the month of March. A lot of these have been kicking around in my notebooks and random textfiles for years, but I’ve never brought them all together and edited them into something coherent.

The first four posts deal with wizard subtypes and sorcerer variants, mostly inspired from D&D 2e and HackMaster. The next one tackles old-school variants of pact magic and the binder class from the closing days of D&D 3e. Finally, the glyph mage and summoner attempt to be D&D variants of wards and circle magic from the Palladium FRPG.

I’ll keep this post current to compile the material as it’s published. As always, feel free to add any comments or suggestions.

(I also did a first draft of the Glyph Mage, called the Ward Mage, using different rules.)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted new material on this gameblog. I see there are at least a few of you who still stop by; hopefully there will be something here that you find can find useful in your games.

Inverse Dots


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One Response to Magic March

  1. K-Slacker says:

    After letting these ideas percolate for a month or two, I would likely use Specialist Wizards (including Sole Practitioners) and Sorcerers/Warlocks as written.

    I think that the Binder/Glyph Mage/Summoner rules would need playtesting (and probably extensive rewrites) before being ready for prime time.

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