The diabolist is a non-spellcasting ritual mage who learns the secrets of glyphs, summoning circles, and pact magic. They are a difficult class to play, requiring much planning and foresight to succeed.

(This class has not yet been playtested, but it’s the final entry in my ‘Magic March’ series and I wanted to get it online this month. I may clean it up in the future.)

Diabolist Progression

Level XP Hit Dice BAB Save
1 0 1d4+4 +0 16
2 2,000 2d4+4 +0 15
3 4,000 3d4+4 +0 15
4 8,000 4d4+4 +0 14
5 16,000 5d4+4 +0 14
6 32,000 6d4+4 +0 13
7 64,000 7d4+4 +0 13
8 120,000 8d4+4 +0 12
9 240,000 9d4+4 +0 12

Game Rule Information

Prime Requisite: A diabolist’s prime requisite is Intelligence; a character must have a INT score of 11 or higher to become a diabolist. In addition, diabolists cannot be foolish or weak-willed, requiring WIS and CHA scores of 9 or higher.

Alignment: Diabolists cannot be Lawful. Their dealings with summoned creatures from the netherworld and pacts with inhuman entities are Chaotic in nature.

Hit Dice: Diabolists start with a “hit point kicker” of 4 hp and gain 1d4 hit points + CON mod per class level.

Combat Ability: Diabolists have a poor Base Attack Bonus progression. They are proficient with any low-tech melee or thrown weapon that can be wielded one-handed, plus staff. They are proficient with light armour only (no shields).

Saving Throws: Diabolists have relatively poor saving throws, but gain +2 on saves vs. mental influence (including enchantment, charm, and contests of will).

Level and Multiclass Restrictions: Diabolists have the same level restrictions as magic-users. Due to the dedication required to their studies, they may not multiclass.

Special Abilities

Glyph Magic: As the glyph mage.

Monster Summoning: As the summoner.

Scroll Use: Starting at 2nd level, the diabolist learns how to cast spells from arcane scrolls. Treat the diabolist as a magic-user of half his class level.

Note that the diabolist cannot scribe arcane scrolls, nor can he cast magic-user spells without scrolls.

Bonus Language: A diabolist can learn an additional language at 2nd level and every even-numbered level thereafter (4th, 6th, etc.).

Bind Vestige: As the binder.

Diabolist Special Abilities

Known *
per Day
Special Ability
1 1 1 Monster Summoning I
2 3 1 Scroll Use, Bonus Language
3 6 2 Monster Summoning II
4 10 2 Bind Minor Vestige,
Bonus Language
5 15 3 Monster Summoning III
6 21 3 Bind Medium Vestige,
Bonus Language
7 28 4 Monster Summoning IV
8 36 4 Bind Major Vestige,
Bonus Language
9 (all) 5 Monster Summoning V

* A diabolost with high INT may add additional glyphs
as given in the glyph mage class description.


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