Here is a spellcasting class adapted from the elementalist (found in the HackMaster Spellslinger’s Guide and D&D 2e) and my homebrew sorcerer class. The name itself (and picture at right, by McKenna) is taken from the Palladium FRPG.

Warlocks are another type of variant spellcaster, similar to sorcerers. Warlocks, however, draw their energies from the four classical elements: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. These elements exist in a delicate balance – Air opposes Earth (and vice versa), while Fire and Water are also opposites. A warlock must choose one of these as his primary element, and is unable to use spells from the opposite element. Compared to the sorcerer, a warlock’s spell selection is more limited, but a warlock has other benefits which make up for this.

Warlock Progression

Level XP Hit Dice BAB Save
1 0 1d4+4 +0 16
2 2,500 2d4+4 +0 15
3 5,000 3d4+4 +0 15
4 10,000 4d4+4 +0 14
5 20,000 5d4+4 +0 14
6 40,000 6d4+4 +0 13
7 80,000 7d4+4 +0 13
8 150,000 8d4+4 +0 12
9 300,000 9d4+4 +0 12

Game Rule Information

Prime Requisite: A warlock’s prime requisite is Charisma; a character must have a CHA score of 11 or higher to become a warlock. In addition, air warlocks require DEX 13+, earth warlocks require STR 13+, fire warlocks require INT 13+, and water warlocks require WIS 13+.

Alignment: Warlocks may be of any alignment. However, air warlocks are typically Neutral, earth warlocks are typically Lawful, fire warlocks are typically Chaotic, and water warlocks are typically Neutral.

Hit Dice: Warlocks start with a “hit point kicker” of 4 hp and gain 1d4 hit points + CON mod per class level.

Combat Ability: Warlocks have a poor Base Attack Bonus progression. They are proficient with any low-tech melee or thrown weapon that can be wielded one-handed, plus staff. They are proficient with light armour only (no shields).

Saving Throws: Warlocks have relatively poor saving throws, but gain +2 on saves vs. magic and +3 against effects related to their chosen element (whether from a magical source or not). However, they suffer a -1 penalty vs. effects related to their opposed element.

Level and Multiclass Restrictions: Warlocks have the same level restrictions as magic-users. They may not multiclass with other arcane spellcasting classes (such as magic-users).

Special Abilities

Arcane Spellcasting: A warlock casts arcane spells (the same type of spells available to magic-users, although warlocks are able to use some spells more commonly associated with other spellcasters). He can cast any spell he knows without needing a spell book or memorizing it ahead of time. A warlock can cast only a certain number of spells of each spell level per day, as shown on the Arcane Spells per Day table (below).

A warlock’s selection of spells is extremely limited. He knows only the number of spells indicated on the Arcane Spells Known table (also below), and these spells cannot be changed once gained. A warlock does not use the standard arcane spell list; he may only select elemental spells (some of which are not available to other arcane casters). In addition, at least half of a warlock’s spells known for each spell level must be selected from his primary element, and none may be from his opposed element.

Unlike a magic-users, a warlock does not need to memorize his spells in advance. He can cast any spell he knows at any time, assuming he has not yet used up his spells per day for that spell level.

(You’ll need to refer to the HackMaster Spellslinger’s Guide for spell lists associated for each element. Also refer to the errata – there are additional spells listed there that are available to warlocks.)

Bonus Spells: Warlocks with high Charisma scores may cast additional spells per day. A warlock with CHA 13+ may cast one bonus 1st-level spell per day. A warlock with CHA 16+ gains a bonus 2nd-level spell, CHA 18+ grants a 3rd-level spell, and so forth. A warlock will not actually get the bonus spell until he can cast spells of a given level; a character with CHA 18 will get his bonus 3rd-level spell when he reaches 5th level as a warlock, for example.

If “0” spells is indicated on the Arcane Spells Per Day table, then the warlock only gains a spell if he has a high enough Charisma score to have a bonus spell of this level.

Opposed Element: A warlock can never cast spells from his opposed element. He is also disallowed from using scrolls, wands, and other magic items which duplicate the effects of opposition spells, and cannot craft these disallowed magic items.

Command Elemental: A warlock can attempt to calm (or even befriend) hostile elementals from his primary element, and to turn or destroy elementals from his opposed element. This works in a similar manner to the cleric’s Exorcism class ability. The table below depicts a warlock’s command elemental ability (in terms of x in 6 chance) by level and target HD.

If the table says “C”, the elemental is automatically calmed (or turned, of an opposed elemental). If the result shown is a “B” for that combination, the elemental is automatically befriended (or destroyed, if an opposed elemental).

Craft Magic Items: Like sorcerers, warlocks only have limited magic item crafting ability. They may create potions and wands, and enchant weapons and armour usable by their class. They are forbidden to craft items related to their opposed element. Refer to the BFRPG rules for Magical Research for more information.

Arcane Spells per Day *

1 2 3 4 5
1 0
2 2
3 3 0
4 4 2
5 4 3 0
6 5 4 2
7 5 4 3 0
8 5 5 4 2
9 6 5 4 3 0

* A warlock with high CHA may add bonus spells
as described in the class description.

Arcane Spells Known

1 2 3 4 5
1 1*
2 1
3 2 1*
4 2 1
5 3 2 1*
6 3 2 1
7 3 3 2 1*
8 4 3 2 1
9 4 3 3 2 1*

* Provided the warlock has a high enough CHA
score to have a bonus spell of this level.

Command Elemental

Target Warlock Level
HD 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 HD 4 5 C C C B B B B
2 HD 3 4 5 C C C B B B
3 HD 2 3 4 5 C C C B B
4 HD 1 2 3 4 5 C C C B
5 HD 1 2 3 4 5 C C C
6 HD 1 2 3 4 5 C C
7 HD 1 2 3 4 5 C
8 HD 1 2 3 4 5
9 HD 1 2 3 4
10-11 HD 1 2 3
12-13 HD 1 2
14-15 HD 1
16+ HD


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One Response to Warlocks

  1. K-Slacker says:

    I did some digging. The elementalist class was introduced in the 2e Tome of Magic. I don’t like the spell lists, however, and prefer the ones from HackMaster. If you’re using these rules, make sure to check the HackMaster errata for additional spells.

    (If I become bold, I may post the full warlock spell lists here at some point.)

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