Session Report – The Slime God’s Caverns

Session Report - The Slime God's CavernsThe third Walking Wet session began where we left off last time – the aftermath of battle against cultists and swamp dwellers beneath the ruins of Krake Castle. We had only two players this time, but with four characters: Slinker, ‘Xel, Skrog, and Crash (plus a dog).

In this adventure our heroes stumbled upon the Slime God’s Caverns, and there was much running and screaming…

Session Report

Key events from this session include:

  • After scavenging loot from the bodies (including a ring made of mysterious blue metal), the PCs recovered ‘Xel’s dog and avoided a swamp dweller patrol by hiding in the cultist’s lair.
  • Crash used his pheromone control to hypnotize the patrol long enough for the PCs to take a captive (Ned’s Brother). He confirmed that the party had just slain Master Cephalic, the High Priest of the Slime God, who served an otherworldly being who had arrived in a ‘Sky Chariot’. It was not entirely clear why the swamp dwellers were serving the Slime God, other than revenge against Krakes Borough.
  • Ned’s Brother revealed the (false) Chapel of the Slime God, hidden behind a secret door. In an unexpected move, ‘Xel managed to successfully execute the Ceremony of Communion with the Slime God by touching Master Cephalic’s blue metal ring to the carven idol in the Chapel.
  • Our heroes were then teleported to the true Chapel of the Slime God, and the Slime God was home. ‘Xel was forced to decide between utter oblivion or willing service to the Slime God. He chose willing service, and seemed quite happy with the decision. (On a related note, ‘Xel is now being run as an NPC.)
  • Meanwhile, the remaining PCs (plus dog) ran screaming (or barking) from the scene. Completely lost and panicked, they found a chamber containing a floating crystal pyramid. Images on the pyramid depicted Slinker and Skrog running screaming down a narrow passageway, and (in a separate image) ‘Xel’s dog dead and crawling with leeches, with ‘Xel laughing over the body.
  • Skrog made a brief (but unsuccessful) attempt to recover ‘Xel. Our heroes forgot about the dog and left it behind. Everyone ran around screaming a lot, especially Crash. There was a giant slug, and a misty passageway. Crash learned that it was unwise to use his ‘Empathy’ power in the presence of a Slime God and restless spirits.
  • There was more running and screaming, and Crash was nearly slain by a flock of stirges before Slinker and Skrog turned back to save him. At this time, the PCs realized that they had just lived through one of the scenes that they had witnessed earlier in the floating crystal pyramid.
  • The PCs reached a ‘chimney’ up into the large natural cavern that they had discovered last session, and found that (as suspected) it was filled with dozens of slime zombies. Our heroes forced their way through the horde (taking many wounds) before reaching ‘safety’ in the Halls of the Slime Cult.
  • Hiding from swamp dweller patrols in the laboratory, the PCs slaughtered the annoying homunculus of Master Kastor. Taking advantage of their superior running speed, the party beat a hasty retreat to the surface, receiving a few more blows in the process. (All PCs had 4 hp or less at this point!)
  • With dusk approaching, the PCs picked up seven of ‘Xel’s dogs and returned to the Sisters of the Violet Flame. The nuns tended to their wounds, but alas Slinker and Skrog have both contracted the slime plague. The nuns also connected the references to a ‘Sky Chariot’ with the ‘Sky God’s Footprint’, a nearby crater which was the result of a meteor crash ten years ago (‘G’ on the area map)…

I had fun this session. The PCs definitely knew when to run, as the Slime God was far beyond their capability. Although we lost ‘Xel, he’s not really gone since he’s now content in service to the Slime God. With their illness, Slinker and Skrog have also gained motivation to get to the bottom of the whole slime plague.

Treasure Summary

No treasure at all this time, unless you count the torch swiped from that hallway.

Experience Summary

More combat XP – this time for swamp dwellers, stirges, and the homunculus. Experience was assigned for discovering information on the Slime God and for simply surviving. A special XP bonus was assigned to ‘Xel for discovering the Ceremony of Communion with the Slime God.

  • Slinker earned 580 XP, +5% XP bonus for a total of 2,935 XP.
  • Skrog earned 260 XP, +5% XP bonus for a total of 2,310 XP.
  • Crash earned 260 XP, +15% XP bonus for a total 5,600 XP.
  • ‘Xel earned 715 XP, +5% XP bonus for a total 1,250 XP.

Skrog and Crash get half XP since their players were unable to join, and ‘Xel gains full XP even though he succumbed to the Slime God . As usual, players can keep any XP earned from adventures to apply to future characters (‘Xel will need to be replaced, at least temporarily).


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2 Responses to Session Report – The Slime God’s Caverns

  1. Skrog says:

    Sheesh…I really wish I could have played…it sounds like quite the intense adventure!

  2. Adad64 says:

    It was! Though Xel’ is temporarily gone…

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