Krake’s Borough (Updated)

Updated: Info added from the first three game sessions.

Here’s a map of Krake’s Borough and environs (click on map for a larger image):

A: Swamp Dweller Encampment.
C: Devil’s Mere (beware the lake monster).
D: Castle Krake (secret passage to dungeons beneath).
E: Cistern of Kelmar (extremely deep, apparently empty).
F: Krake’s Dam (of Ancient worksmanship).
G: Sky God’s Footprint (meteor impact crater).
H: The Grey Rib River (muddy and unfordable).
I: Hidden Canoe (left by PCs).
J: Krake’s Borough (only a handful of villagers remain).
K: The Grey Rib Beach (Ancient and in poor repair).
M: Krakesborough Trail (leads to more civilized lands).
O: The Four Lenses (pools of clean water).
P: Sisters of the Violet Flame (mutant nuns).
Q: Mysterious Monolith (massive black pillar).
R: Chapel of Law (refuge from walking wet).
S: Plaza of Law (flagstone plaza).

Inverse Dots

For centuries since its inception, Krake’s Borough was led by a hereditary baron of the Krake Line. Set near the edge of the Dismal Swamp, it has the dubious distinction of being one of the few settlements to gleefully bow in service to the Necromancer Kings during their long rule. During this period, it rose to prominence as a thriving village on the Grey Rib river.

When the forces of Law rebelled against the Necromancers a generation ago, Jarvit Krake (17th of the line) fielded his petty army in the service of Chaos only to be defeated in battle and executed after the utter destruction of his castle. Since that time, a new Chapel of Law has been constructed and a former barracks converted into a convent. The community seemed to be shedding its former reputation – until the coming of the walking wet…

Inverse Dots


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One Response to Krake’s Borough (Updated)

  1. K-Slacker says:

    Slinker and Skrog made acquaintances or heard rumours of the following NPCs in their first to Krake’s Borough:

    Father Zhao: Priest at the Chapel of Law.
    Brother Napes: Head Acolyte at the Chapel of Law.
    Ragas: Pig farmer afflicted with zombie plague.
    Sister Sreejit: Acting head of the Sisters.
    Norred: Longest surviving of the afflicted.
    Karn: Disreputable merchant in Krake’s Borough.
    Master Cephalic: Apparent leader of the swamp-dwellers beneath Castle Krake.

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