Session Report – Return to Krake Castle

With this session we continued the explorations beneath Krake Castle. Four players were able to participate via Skype and this time were we were able to get Gametable running (though technical issues still abounded, largely due to my prehistoric laptop). Joining Slinker and Skrog this session were Crash the winged mutant psionicist and a mysterious near-human warrior named ‘Xel (plus a dog).

What secrets exist in the dungeons beneath the ruined castle?

Session Report

Key accomplishments from this session include:

  • Brother Zhao directed a pair of mysterious newcomers (Crash and ‘Xel) to the adventurers from the first adventure (Slinker and Skrog), who then decided to explore the dungeons beneath Castle Krake.
  • Crash’s pheremone control entranced the swamp serpent long enough to cross Devil’s Mere in the communal rowboat.
  • Slinker’s made a cautious descent partway into the empty cistern – at least until started to get dark.
  • The party returned to the secret passage to find it patrolled by slime zombies. Skrog got scratched. Hope he doesn’t get sick…
  • A swamp dweller ambush was thwarted by imitating the walking wet.
  • The party discovered a crypt dedicated to Chardros the Reaper, and Crash was contacted by the spirit of a disinterred corpse who desired a proper burial.
  • Swamp dwellers found the group in the crypt, and they next had to face off against them and the cult wizard from the previous foray.
  • Exploring deeper into the dungeons, our heroes found the wizard’s laboratory and ‘befriended’ his vat-born lab assistant. Turns out the ‘Master’ is creating an army of walking wet…
  • A large natural cavern was discovered, but the party was distracted from exploring further by a pair of acolytes and a swamp dweller.
  • Yet more combat ensued when the PCs faced off against a psionic cult leader and his elite swamp dweller allies.
  • Then I got tired and the session ended with the party still within the dungeon.

A pretty combat-heavy session overall. We lost ‘Xel’s dog somwhere near the end there. Luckily there should still be nine left in Krake’s Borough.

Treasure Summary

Some neat gear was gained this session. In addition to assorted minor coinage, the following items of interest were found:

  • Crash picked up the skeletal remains of a restless spirit requesting a proper burial.
  • The wizard had a ring and two vials of green fluid (which Crash took).
  • One elite swamp dweller had a wicked-looking sword (which Skrog claimed).
  • The other elite swamp dweller had clunky Ancient boots (not sure who grabbed these).
  • The cult leader had a jumpsuit made of nifty Ancient fabric, plus you find a ring made of mysterious blue metal (again, these are up for grabs).

Let me know who wants to take the stuff from the final battle.

Experience Summary

Extensive combat XP was gained from defeating walking wet, swamp-dwellers (normal and elite), a cult wizard, slime acolytes, and a cult leader. Treasure and roleplaying XP were also assigned.

  • Slinker earned 520 XP, +5% XP bonus for a total of 2,325 XP.
  • Skrog earned 500 XP, +5% XP bonus for a total of 2,035 XP.
  • Crash earned 520 XP, +15% XP bonus for a total 5,300 XP.
  • ‘Xel earned 480 XP, +5% XP bonus for a total 505 XP.

As usual, players can keep any XP earned from adventures to apply to future characters.


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4 Responses to Session Report – Return to Krake Castle

  1. Adad64 says:

    Dibs on blue ring! And my dog died? Did he die heroically, serving the party, or did crash get hungry again? :P

  2. K-Slacker says:

    Not dead, just ‘lost’. He kind of wandered off near the end there.

  3. K-Slacker says:

    Current PC stats (at the end of the session):

    Crash 17/17 HP, 3/4 ISP, used Pheremone Control and Sonic Blast
    Slinker 11/11 HP, used Adrenaline Burst
    Skrog 13/23 HP, used Berzerker
    ‘Xel 13/14 HP

  4. K-Slacker says:

    Summary of loot collected:

    17 gp worth of coins (shared)
    Wizard’s ring (worn by Crash)
    Two vials green fluid (claimed by Crash)
    Clunky Ancient boots (claimed by Skrog)
    Wicked Long Sword (claimed by Skrog)
    Jumpsuit of Ancient fabric (left on body)
    Ring of Blue Metal (claimed by ‘Xel)

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