Session Report – Krake’s Borough and Environs

Tales from the Swamp

Last night we kicked off the Night of the Walking Wet via Skype. We ended up with only two players and couldn’t get Gametable to run, but still had a blast (or at least I did). Slinker, near-human ‘journalist’, and Skrog the mutant warrior ventured into the swamp to explore Krake’s Borough and environs.

Once a thriving village on the Grey Rib river, Krake’s Borough is now threatened by virulent slime zombies. These ‘walking wet’ seem to originate from the ruins of Castle Krake, a lonely baronic outpost built upon an Ancient dam and cistern.

Will Krake’s Borough fall to the slimy menace, or can our brave group of heroes save the community?

Inverse Dots

Session Report

(Apologies in advance for the lengthy session summary!)

The session began with Slinker and Skrog’s arrival in Krake’s Borough at nightfall; the mists were rising from the swamp and wet moans could be heard in the darkness. Our valiant heroes took shelter in the Chapel of Law and spent a harrowing night on guard as the walking wet moaned menacingly outside.

During the evening, while in conversation with Slinker, a local pig farmer named Ragas let out a rattling wet cough – identifying him as one of the infected! The acolytes of the Chapel asked Slinker and Skrog to take the unwilling pig farmer to the Sisters of the Violet Flame – a local order of nuns – once it was safe to do so.

The following morning (when the walking wet had returned to the swamp), Skrog used his paralytic touch to disable Ragas and transport him to the convent. The Sisters of the Violet Flame were revealed to be hideously deformed mutants occupying a sturdy Ancient building – possibly an asylum once. The PCs learned more background about the area and the walking wet, and were given antitoxin wafers in case they were to encounter venomous marsh creatures.

Next, the adventurers moved onto Krake’s Borough itself. A ramshackle collection of huts and wooden cottages, it was partially abandoned due to the recent attacks. The local trading post was still in operation, though with meagre supplies. Slinker bought some moonshine and swamp herbs for smoking. When asked about purchasing a rowboat, the sneaky merchant brought the PCs to the edge of the Devil’s Mere and tried to sell them an abandoned canoe. In the end, Slinker agreed to pay a ‘deposit’ to test the seaworthiness of the vessel. Slinker and Skrog then set out across Devil’s Mere to the ruins of Krake Castle.

Once safely ashore, Slinker spotted the ‘sea serpent’ that gave the Devil’s Mere its dangerous reputation. Grateful for their safety, the pair pulled their canoe away from the water and crossed the causeway to the Cistern of Kelmar to find it empty of water and deeper than could be guessed. A corroded metal stairway circled the inside and disappeared into the depths.

Not wanting to risk the stairs, the pair returned to the castle ruins and after some searching discovered a loose flagstone covering a secret passage. Descending into the passage, they found a steep-sloped passageway made of Ancient concrete. Following the dark passage for many minutes, they finally reached a ‘dungeon’ deep beneath the reservoir.

Subhuman swamp-dwellers inhabited this subterranean realm, and they attacked our heroes to defend their territory. Slinker and Skrog pursued them through several bizarre and brightly-painted chambers (one was far to hot, one had walls which dripped with foul-smelling slime) before taking one swamp-dweller hostage and killing the rest.

The prisoner did not speak Unislang, but the PCs were able to ascertain that he served ‘Master Cephalic’. The swamp-dweller indicated that he could lead Slinker and Skrog to Cephalic, and led the pair deeper into the dungeon down a wide set of crudely-carved stairs.

Eventually, light was spotted ahead and Skrog paralyzed the prisoner. Advancing carefully, Slinker was able to bribe the swamp-dweller guards stationed there with moonshine. Suspicious at first, the squad leader was suitably impressed with the green dermal toxin which Skrog was able to produce on his hands. He left for a few moments and returned with a human wizard in green robes. This was when all hell broke loose…

Realizing the ruse, the wizard began an arcane incantation. Sensing danger, Slinker sprinted towards the mage and was thus outside the spell’s area of effect. While Skrog and the distracted guards fell into an enchanted slumber, Slinker desperately fought the swamp-dweller squad leader to get to the wizard. Though wounded, he was able to drive back his foe and resist the charm spell of the mage. The cowardly wizard vanished, however, before Slinker could face him.

Slinker quickly awoke Skrog and the pair fled (after dispatching the helpless swamp-dwellers). Returning the surface, they rowed back across Devil’s Mere and reached the Sisters of the Violet Flame before nightfall.

Inverse Dots

Experience Summary

Quest XP were gained from determining the successfully taking shelter in the Chapel of Law, taking Ragas to the Sisters of the Violet Flame, and utilizing trickery, guile, and moonshine to avoid combat. Combat XP was gained from the defeated swamp-dwellers, but no treasure XP was gained. Additional XP was assigned for amusing roleplaying and coming up with clever ideas.

  • Slinker earned 650 XP, +5% XP bonus for a total of 1,780 XP. (Eligible for 2nd!)
  • Skrog earned 650 XP, +5% XP bonus for a total of 1,510 XP. (Eligible for 2nd!)

As usual, players can keep any XP earned from adventures to apply to future characters.

Inverse Dots


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