Session Report – Attack of the Meteor Zombies

Bag o' Zombies

If you were a follower of my previous Barrier Peaks Play-by-Comment gameblog, you may remember a post where I describe the introduction of my young nephew to Mutant Future. Well, he was visiting again this weekend for a taekwondo tournament and requested another session.

I thought you might be amused by his further adventures, this time fending off hordes of meteor zombies…

Inverse Dots

Session Report

My nephew (now nine years old) took the role of a futuristic soldier. Although I didn’t notice it while gaming, we completely forgot to name his PC. I let him have a laser rifle, some body armour, and a robot sidekick. He was probably some sort of cryogenically-preserved commando, recently reawakened. The Nameless Commando was a wanderer of the wastes, searching for adventure.

His first encounter was with a mutant sorcerer, and his two beastmen goons, who were waylaying travelers along the crumbling remains of an Ancient highway. The Nameless Commando and his robot made quick work of the beastmen, but the sorcerer turned invisible and escaped.

Somewhat annoyed by the outcome of this battle, my nephew suggested that I try something ‘cooler’, preferably with the countless zombie miniatures from my game of ZOMBIES!!! Also, he recommended that it somehow involve a gigantic meteor.

Thus was born the Attack of the Meteor Zombies.

On the road to the next desert town, the Nameless Commando witnessed a fireball descend from the sky and impact some nearby foothills. Radiation from the meteor obviously had a necromantic effect on those who were killed by the blast, as they transformed into flesh-eating zombies.

Over the next several hours, the Nameless Commando rallied survivors in a makeshift ‘base’ protected by earthen ramparts (constructed by the robot). Many pitched battles were fought – at one point my nephew’s PC faced certain death, only to be saved by his robot ally (who was then ripped apart by a giant mutant zombie). An alliance of convenience with vicious mutant raiders and snake-headed beastmen allowed eventual victory against the zombies – and enabled the Nameless Commando to loot the now-deserted town which was his original destination.

Laden with swag – and apparently unconcerned about the fate of the peaceful survivors who were left unprotected with the raiders and beastmen – the Nameless Commando returned to the road, searching for adventure.

(If you read about the earlier session, such behaviour is pretty typical from my nephew’s characters.)

Inverse Dots


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3 Responses to Session Report – Attack of the Meteor Zombies

  1. K-Slacker says:

    Note that the kickoff session for Tempora Mutantur involved meteor pumpkins, while this one was meteor zombies – which, I must add, was completely the idea of my nephew.

    It seems that the world of Tempura Mutantur is beset with a plague of space rocks, and I have therefore decided to continue the asteroid theme in future campaign events…

  2. Carl Nash says:

    Awesome! I really like the way you worked in the meteor and the zombies. I may steal this basic premise for my game – while my players range from 22-36, they seem to be on about the same level of maturity as your nephew and would probably really dig this scenario!

    Also, many congratulations for showing the hobby to a new generation. I have 12 players in my Mutant Future campaign and I believe at least half of them had no prior (pen and paper) RPG experience – the more people converted to this insanity, the merrier!

  3. Adad64 says:

    Wow! I’m just getting into Mutant Future, I have no previous D&D experience besides Neverwinter Nights and other computer RPGs, and it looks fun! :D

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